Support Services Management

Risk Management

Whatever your labour resource requirements, be they permanent, contract, project or temporary in nature, we source Locals, Expats, Third Country Nationals and 1st World high level skills and follow rigorous recruitment & selection procedures, ensuring that you get the right staff, through the right processes for your specific needs, ensuring that we adhere to the country’s quota requirements and restrictions.

Clients, who require specialist insight on specific aspects of business or investment opportunities, find our intelligence reports, which entail specialist briefings to be indispensable when entering into foreign business deals. By drawing on our extensive African network, we monitor our client’s footprint and relevant issues in their specific business or sector. By using our intelligence-, foresight-, strategic planning-, foreign relations- and holistic risk management expertise we gather relevant data, perform strategic information analysis and develop effective strategies in a structured framework that open the door to opportunities for our clients whilst mitigating potential risks. By knowing, our clients make decisions from a position of strength. They know their own strength and weaknesses, including that of their employees’; they know their competitor’s positions; they know their partners; and they know the contextual environment in which they will do business. Use our services and find a safe passage into Africa.



  • Reputation due diligence – We use detailed public record interrogation and in-country source-enquiries into companies and individuals.
  • Comprehensive due diligence – This product integrates and represents the research and analytical outcomes of an investigative process, that entails investigations involving a range of ‘open’, human and other relevant sources and databases.
  • Research & Analysis – By drawing on our extensive African network, we monitor our clients’ footprints and relevant issues in their business or sector.
  • Intelligence Reports – This entails specialist briefings, ideal for principals, clients or investors who require specialist insight on specific aspects of business or investment opportunities, or for entering into foreign business deals.
  • Risk reports – Country, sector and entity risk assessments, incl. physical risk.
  • Vetting – Security Vetting is a systematic and investigative process conducted to determine the individual’s security competency before employment into a new company with the aim of protecting both personnel and organisation against possible sabotage, potential criminal events and bad reputational risk.
  • Social Media monitoring through our Inside Radar platform
    Surveillance with Drone Applications.
    Investigations. Specialising in fraud and corruption within your organization, specifically during the procurement and financial processes and operations.

Security Risk Management

We believe that there is value in risk and that Security risk management must be a major component of any business strategy with the aim to protect people, property, information and assets, to create a safe and secure working environment for all staff in order to reach their goals.

We assist organisations by aligning security risks, resilience and mitigation with organisational strategies and goals, ensuring cost-effective security measures are implemented, evaluated and continuously improved to ensure long term accomplishment with organisational strategies.

Our approach is based on Internationally recognised standards and follows the following process:

  • Determine an organisational security risk profile by combining asset identification, threat assessment (geopolitical analysis, crime risk analysis and adversary assessments) and vulnerability assessment into a detailed Security Risk Analysis.
  • Developing Risk mitigation strategies based on the priority risks and risk relationships identified in the security Risk Analysis
  • The Risk mitigation strategies are tailor-made for every organisation and could include:
    • Physical Protection systems for facilities and perimeters
    • Access management systems
    • Video Surveillance
    • Protection of Information
    • Fleet management
Security Risk Management
      • Power and backup systems,
      • Security Awareness training
      • Travel security plans
      • Protection of Information
      • Protection of Personnel
      • Emergency Response Plans as well as evacuation response

    RSSA has a team of dedicated and experienced security & risk consultants, with a wealth of knowledge of operating in developing countries and  challenging environments, with credible experience of projects across Africa We ensure that Internal and external shareholders are included in communication and consultation at each appropriate step of the security risk management process to ensure that proposed mitigation strategies are cost effective and that risks are continuously monitored to track new risks and to review and update the risk mitigation strategies accordingly