Site Services

Staffing: Third Country Nationals

RSSA was specifically established to provide project related support services in conjunction with it’s joint-venture partners,

Al Taher Liaison Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, India and Resource Management Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong. The unification of these great brands gives RSSA a pool of skilled professional and technical resources second to none, with a footprint in all major centers of South Africa as well as Bangkok, Dubai, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Manilla, and Mumbai.

RSSA’s mission is to provide the ultimate selection of project need-based Training & Resourcing solutions for a global clientele. Resourcing, recruiting, screening, testing, certifying and mobilizing professional, technical and skilled workforces from South Africa, India, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as management resources principally sourced out of Europe and South Africa.


We successfully Strive to get it right first time and work towards it carefully by ensuring the Best Interest of both, our Clientele and the Manpower that we Mobilize to our Clientele, we strongly believe that the essence of a successful business lies in connecting ” The Right People, to The Right Requirement, in order to create The Right Solution” never losing sight of giving our clientele the best value solution possible at all times.

Staffing: Local National Recruitment, Selection and Management

Whatever your local national labour resource requirements in the country of setup or operations, be they permanent, contract, project or temporary in nature, we source Locals Nationals skills and follow rigorous recruitment & selection procedures, ensuring that you get the right staff, through the right processes for your specific needs, ensuring that we adhere to the country’s quota requirements and restrictions. Permanent, contract, project or temporary in nature

We adhere to the country’s quota requirements, restrictions and all employment legislation.


Payroll/Wage Bureau Solutions

Many companies operating in Africa prefer to directly manage the relationship with their employees (be they permanent staff, project staff or contract & temporary staff) and consequently prefer not to outsource this to a third party or agency.

Managing a payroll, especially with the numerous challenges that the African continent brings, takes a significant amount of energy away from their business.

Outsource this function to a third party who understands the various country labour laws, tax laws and numerous statutory requirements, allows our clients to focus on their business.



Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Process the payroll.
  • Install and manage Time and Attendance systems.
  • Manage HR and / or IR, manages the recruitment process (checks / inductions / bank account and statutory registration etc.).
  • Run analysis reports and provide a variety of statistics.
  • Payment of statutory deductions to government.
  • Payment of wages to bank accounts.

Camp Management

With all the on-going discoveries of natural resources in Africa, the growing populations, the related infrastructural demands and the growing Global Market demand for the mineral resources and wealth that lies beneath the African soil, significant numbers of staff are generally required for each and every project, and each and every project needs ‘site services’. ‘Without beds, there is no project. Without a project, there are no beds’.

If the employee lacks good accommodation, a poor base camp, has an issue with food due to cultural, quality or religious reasons and little or no recreation, you will see the result in the loss of productivity and in the construction / project disciplines, often resulting in severely negative impacts on the critical path for the project.


These either involve a full turnkey solution (build the camp, man it, service it, supply line it and maintain it), or a combination of the services i.e. provision of construction staff, management of logistics and supply line, accommodation/housekeeping, fleet management, power generation, etc which we can plan for, coordinate and operate on behalf of our clientele.